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Smarter Milk Expansion Pack

Smarter Milk Expansion Pack

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  • 🎲 Add a political twist to your game night with the Smarter Milk Expansion pack for Cooked Aussies!
  • 🐄 Contains 101 new cards, including the exciting new Democracy card, for even more fun and laughter.
  • 🥛 Can be played as a stand-alone game or as an expansion to Cooked Aussies, giving you even more options for game night.
  • 🗳️ Perfect for political enthusiasts and anyone looking to spice up their game night with a touch of democracy.

 The Smarter Milk Expansion pack adds a fun and exciting new dimension to the Cooked Aussies game, as well as being a standalone game in its own right. With 101 cards in total, this expansion is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

The new Democracy card is a highlight of this expansion, adding a political twist to the game. When a player picks up this card, they must read it out loud, adding a new layer of strategy and decision-making to the gameplay. Will you choose to take advantage of the democratic process, or will you try to undermine it for your own benefit?

This expansion pack is perfect for players who love to mix things up and try new variations on classic games. Whether you're a seasoned Cooked Aussies player or a newcomer to the game, the Smarter Milk Expansion is sure to provide plenty of laughs and entertainment.

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